Explore PMFME Telangana State Food Processing Society Cabinet Approves New Food Processing Policy(T-FAPP) Creation of Special Food Processing Zones To Provide Infrastructure for Development of Large Food
Processing Clusters
Provide Incremental Financial Incentives for Food Processing Units Set up by SHGs/FPOs and Vulnerable
Sections (SCs/STs and Minorities)
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Major Food Park Projects

2 major food park projects
worth 220 Cr
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Integrated Cold Chain Projects

11 integrated cold chain projects worth 390 Cr
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NMFP Projects

20 NMFP projects
worth 108 Cr

About US

  • Food processing has been identified as one of the 14 thrust sectors for the state in the industrial policy framework of 2014. Currently, Food processing industry in Telangana processes ~25% agri & allied output by value and adds 12.5% in value. Telangana is blessed with a rich agri food raw material base.

    Based on production data for 2014-15, Telangana is ranked first across the country for production of turmeric and sweet orange. Further, Telangana is a well-accepted leader in poultry and seed business. Moreover, there is huge potential to promote inland fisheries, organized meat processing, greenhouse and exotic vegetable cultivation in the state.

    To add value to agro-products and to maintain and expand the existing strengths as well as to partner with the national Food Processing Mission, there is a need to encourage this sector. To take this further, there are numerous subsidies, policies and schemes that the state has introduced to support the sector.

Call to ask any question : 123-456-7890 or 456-789-1430

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Major FP Companies in Telangana

  • Investment Size – INR 200 Cr
  • Location & Area – Thoopran, Siddipet district over 20 acres
  • What is manufactured here - packaged food business – To manufacture products under their Too Yumm and E-vita brands. The facility will employ about 1,000 people.
  • Investment Size – INR 1000 Cr
  • Location & Area – Banda Timmapur, Siddipet district over 100 acres
  • What is manufactured here -The unit is a bottling plant for soft drinks and juices. The unit will employ about 2000 people.
  • Investment Size – INR 207 Cr
  • Location & Area – Govindpur, Sangareddy district over 112 acres
  • What is manufactured here -The facility will manufacture Ice-creams, milk and curd. The facility will create 500 jobs and will also benefit more than 4000 dairy farmers in the region .
  • Investment Size – INR 880 Cr
  • Location & Area – Manoharabad, Medak district
  • What is manufactured here -The facility will manufacture aashirwad atta, sunfeast cookies range and chocolates.
  • Investment Size – INR 200 Cr
  • Location & Area – Mallepally, Sangareddy district over 40 acres
  • What is manufactured here - The facility will manufacture premium Gourmet flavored syrups, sauces, fruit purees and smoothie mixes. The facility will be the primary point for exports to South Asia.The unit will employ around 500 people.
  • Investment Size – INR 30-50 Cr
  • Location & Area – Kuravi, Mahabubabad district over 28 acres
  • What is manufactured here - The facility will process Chilli and spice extracts, essential oils, and Oleoresin.


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(+105)10 9545646

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